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Win 8 Hardware Wait

Redmond columnist Mary Jo Foley is all over Windows 8 software. The part of the story she can't quite follow is Win 8 hardware. That's because there really isn't any.

Now I know the OS isn't formerly shipping but it is freely downloadable. And hundreds of thousands of you already have taken the plunge.

Unlike Apple, where the OS is tied to the hardware, Windows is much less engaged. We could have Win 8-ready machines shortly. In fact, the specs are already out. It is the OEMs, apparently, that are dragging their feet.

This is bad news for Win 8 testers who are trying out some pretty solid software on substandard Intel machines. Even worse is the ARM situation -- less is happening there than inside a Kardashian cranium.

What hardware are you using Win 8 on and is it holding you back? Come clean at

Posted by Doug Barney on 04/25/2012 at 1:19 PM

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Reader Comments:

Thu, May 10, 2012 Andre Vermont

I am using VirtualBox to run Win 8. It is definitely not ideal because I cannot set the resolution where it should be without losing the taskbar. I am able to play with it and learn about it but some of the apps are not displaying well because of that limitation.

I do find Windows 8 very frustrating because, on a PC, the Apps are not full featured enough to make me happy. I would venture to say that even on a pad device some of the Apps are lacking essential features. I want all the features of the full blown x86, x64 software on my PC and don't see the need for Apps that don't provide some compelling reason to use them.

Thu, Apr 26, 2012 Jo Norway

Dell Latitude ST tablet is also one of my testing units. Wasn't very fast though. It boots fast but sometimes it just sits there maybee 30 sec before it continue to work. Seems the Atom is to slow. I'am also testing an Acer Iconia Tab that comes preloaded with Win7. This one features the AMD C-60 dual core. Now were talking. Win8 suddenly wen't smooth. This one realy works. Comes with a handy keyboard dock as well. Had my kids try both, no contest, the Acer was the favorit.

Wed, Apr 25, 2012 D Miller Hudson, FL

Yes, testing on subpar equipment. I have been testing on a single core 1.8 GHz Pentium with 2 GB of RAM, and on my Atom powered Netbook. Perfomance has been surprisingly good. I expect Windows 8 to be a big Tablet play. But on a standard laptop or desktop, anything without the touch screen, Metro loses its meaning. Enterprise will see it as Windows 7 2.0.

Wed, Apr 25, 2012

Of course it's holding us back, but the vendors Microsoft relies upon have learned some tough lessons over the years watching things play out from Redmond. Lresson #1: worked for a global partner prior to the launch of Vista. MS was all over us to build applications taking advantage of features specific to Vista, but not only were they only available via C++ and the Win32 nightmare, rather than via .NET, but those to whom I reported refused to make the investment - not worth it, they said. No future in it they said - and they were right. Lesson #2: Microsoft went all out with Silverlight, their greatest ever achievement, creating something that was for the first time worthy of intense developer passion. What came of all the countless hours and dollars poured into a Silverlight investment? Abandonment. Silence from Redmond. No sense of the future, no reliable means for determined that into which the enterprise ought to invest. Disaster - all for the sake of a doomed consumer play, the enterprise hung out to dry. Build future success on WinRT? No way - it's a toy. Summary: don't rely on Redmond for any amount of continuity - none, whatsoever. Lesson #3: None of the current Windows Phones already sold go in the trash as we're force fed Windows 8. Nokia, having bet its future on Windows Phone, now find that the very same phones they just began selling - obsolete in less than a year. No upgrades. Sorry. In summary, the hardware vendors, having witnessed how completely the software communityand Nokia have been repeatedly screwed over by the clueless in Redmond, are dragging their feet and for good reason - why let the same happen to them? A little bit off humor in all of this though - the most cost-effective hardware with which to waste time on Windows 8? An iPad. Somewhere out there, Steve Jobs is having one great laugh after another.

Wed, Apr 25, 2012

I would hope the OS isn't "formerly" shipping. It's barely been released, very disturbing to think it's been pulled already. Or did you mean "formally" shipping?

Wed, Apr 25, 2012 Josh Marshall, MN

I have been testing Windows 8 on a Dell Latitude ST tablet, retail is about $680. It provides a really good testing experience for Windows 8, it comes loaded with Windows 7 currently.

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