Federal Government Researching Guidelines for Botnet Crackdowns

The Homeland Security and Commerce departments are evaluating a list of possible voluntary industry standards that may be implemented to combat malicious networks of compromised computers controlled by online criminals.

Research Describes Advanced Techniques To Bypass Firewalls

New security evasion techniques can be used to get through firewalls, researchers contend.

'Critical' Fixes for Internet Explorer, Silverlight in Microsoft's October Security Bulletin

Microsoft today released its October Security Bulletin, which includes eight bulletins that address 23 vulnerabilities -- with two bulletins labeled "critical" and six "important."

Microsoft Downplays Risks of Zero-Day Exploits

Zero-day software vulnerabilities may be alarming, but a new report from Microsoft sees them as not the biggest risk for organizations and PC users. 

Microsoft Readies Eight Fixes for October's Security Bulletin

Microsoft released information on eight patches in its advanced notification of the October monthly security bulletin.

Federal Cyber Incidents Increased 650 Percent Over Five Years

The Government Accountability Office has released a report showing that security incidents at 24 federal agencies have increased 650 percent during the last five years.

Data Model Takes Some Guesswork Out of Cyber Security

A team at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have come up with a new mapping procedure to quantify cyber threats.

Inside the Windows Intune Wave 2 Beta: New Features Overview

The updated service features impressive remote-management and deployment capabilities.

Microsoft Releases New Security Advisory for SSL/TLS Flaw

Microsoft released Security Advisory 2588513 yesterday, which advises users of the threat of attack caused by a flaw in the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0.

New Net Neutrality Rules Published, Goes Live November 20

Final rules have been adopted and published for the Federal Communications Commission Net Neutrality policy, which goes into effect Nov. 20.

Windows 8 Dual Boot Possible If 'Secure Boot' Disabled

Microsoft addressed a claim that Windows 8 will not allow Linux operating systems to coexist in a dual-boot configuration on PCs.

Microsoft Hands Rustock Case to FBI

Six months after Microsoft, in conjunction with local and federal law enforcement, began targeting the Rustock spybot network, it is now handing its case and evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Freebie Friday 9/23: 5 Free Microsoft Products for IT Pros

Welcome to the inaugural Freebie Friday, the feature that will highlight some of the best current Microsoft products, from software to ebooks, that won't cost you a cent.

Fix for Critical Flash Flaw

Adobe acted to address a zero-day vulnerability in its Flash Player 10 and lower versions by issuing a a "critical" patch on Wednesday.

Researchers Claim Discovery of SSL Encryption Vulnerability

Attacks based on an implementation flaw of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocol will be demonstrated on Friday by two security researchers.

US Defenses Falling Behind Capabilities of Cyber Attackers

According to former presidential adviser Richard Clarke, the U.S.'s cyber defense is falling behind the resources and expertise of attackers, which leaves critical infrastructure and data vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Microsoft Releases Fix for Flawed DDL Update

Microsoft re-released Security Advisory (2607712) yesterday to replace a previous flawed update that failed to include all blocked Web certificates from a Dutch certificate authority firm.

Microsoft's September Patch Arrives With Five 'Important' Items

Five "important" security bulletins arrived as scheduled for September's Patch Tuesday, after an unintentional leak of early details last week from Microsoft.

Microsoft's September Security Bulletin Will Lack 'Critical' Fixes

This looks to be a lighter patch month, with no "critical" items making it into in September's Microsoft Security Bulletin.

Sony Hires Former Microsoft Exec as Security Chief

Sony appointed a former Microsoft executive, Philip Reitinger, to a new position overseeing infrastructure security efforts.

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