Microsoft Revokes All DigiNotar Digital Certificates, Reissues Security Advisory

Microsoft, Google and Mozilla have revoked all digital certificates from Dutch certificate authority firm DigiNotar as a security measure.

ScriptLogic Privilege Authority: Boosting User Productivity

Users gain some needed control over their applications without surrendering security or stability.

Google Chrome Frame Available as 'Stable' Release

Google on Tuesday released a "stable" plug-in for Internet Explorer that switches on Google Chrome technologies.

Morto Worm Attempts To Guess Network Passwords

Microsoft is warning of a new worm that attempts to use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections from PCs to try to guess simple login and password information of users.

How To Protect Your Network with Lync 2010 Edge Server

DoS and password brute-force attacks can be particularly nasty, but you can protect your network against these types of disruptions.

Malware-Hiding Spam Increases in August

Researchers at M86 Security said this week that the volume of spam containing malware spiked in August.

Malware Report Gives Windows Clean Bill of Health

For the first time since security firm Kaspersky started tracking malware threats, Microsoft products are off the company's top-10 list of vulnerability concerns, according to its recent quarterly report.

Report: IE 9 Best Defense Against Social Malware

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 browser once again topped the list of browsers providing the greatest protection against socially engineered threats, according to NSS Lab

New Microsoft Report Details Security Process, Offers Patch Management Tips

Microsoft released a report this month updating the progress of the Microsoft Security Response Center in ensuring software security.

UPDATED: Anonymous/LulzSec Hack Timeline

Includes confirmed and denied incidents by both groups, allegedly, as well as notable events (as of January 2011).

Hefty Microsoft August Patch Delivers 13 Security Fixes

The August patch is a bulky one as Microsoft released 13 fixes today.

State Dept., GAO Fight Over Windows-Based Security Protocol

A Windows-based security system used by the government is under fire by the GAO for its unreliability.

Security Experts: Time Needed for Secure Mobile App Development

To develop secure mobile apps, an investment in time to apply the correct testing and auditing techniques is worth the effort.

'Shady RAT' Stole Sensitive Data for Years, Expert Says

A single command and control server conducted attacks against corporations and government agencies over the last five years.

Persistent Threat Attacks Traced to Chinese Servers

A security researcher reported a flaw in advanced persistent threat attempts used to steal intellectual property in recent high-profile breaches.

Windows Kernel's Graphics Component Still Filled with Holes

Security researcher Tarjei Mandt has found dozens of vulnerabilities in the graphics control component of Windows Kernel.

Microsoft Offering $250,000 in Windows Security Contest

Researchers who develop new security technologies to protect Windows against exploits can be up to $200,000 richer, thanks to a BlueHat Prize contest announced by Microsoft.

The Future of IT Skills: What You Need To Keep Your IT Career Alive

IT pros need to constantly update their skills in order to survive. Redmond asked experts -- and readers -- which skills and jobs have a solid future and which ones will crumble in the years to come. Here's what we found.

Microsoft Readies 13 Security Bulletins for Tuesday

The August patch from Microsoft will be thick with security fixes.

How To Manage Active Directory Password Policies in Windows Server 2008/R2

So, you think you know how password policies work in Active Directory? Well, you might ... or you might not. Find out how to manage Active Directory password policies in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

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