Security Advisor

Backup (Almost) Made Easy

Coming up with a good data recovery plan is no easy feat. That's where Microsoft's System Center Data Protection Manager comes in.

A Better Internet Explorer

IE8 won't break new ground, but it will feature some notable security improvements.

Take Control of Digital IDs with ILM

Managing users' multiple identities -- and their multiple phases -- can get complicated. That's where ILM comes in.

Can You Be Trusted?

Protect your network against attacks from rogue IT administrators.

Virtual Security

Virtualization heralds a brave new world of security. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to securing a virtual infrastructure.

Forget Your Passwords

There are plenty of easier and more secure ways to authenticate users.

A Long-Overdue Facelift

Microsoft's Certificate Services has a new name and new functionality. Here's an overview.

The New Face of Internet Threats

It's a brave new world in anti-malware protection. Joern analyzes the latest security trends.

The Whole Drive

More and more companies are using full-drive encryption (FDE) as a way to protect their data.

Alphabet Soup

The government is stepping in to help you protect your systems. Just be prepared for a lot of acronyms.

Virtualization Done Differently

Microsoft's SoftGrid Application Virtualization makes managing applications more secure.

Going Mobile

Data security becomes an even bigger concern when users go mobile. Here are some ways to keep your mobile data safe.

The Weakest Link: Part II

Keeping your users informed and involved can save your network.

Users: The Weakest Link

Bad things can happen when administrators don't put their users first.

Virtual Security

How virtual technology can help you keep your network safe.

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