Windows 7, Internet Explorer Tracked in Report

A marketing report released this week profiled two important Microsoft products, with mixed results.

Europe Windows Users to Get Browser Choice Screen

Microsoft plans to begin sending out a test version of a Web browser-selection screen to Windows users in Europe, the company announced on Friday.

Report Profiles Top Software Security Coding Errors

A new study describes the top 25 programming errors that can open up security holes in software.

Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal Gets Regulatory Approvals

Microsoft and Yahoo got approvals from U.S. and European regulators to proceed with their search-advertising business deal.

Microsoft To Disclose IE 9 Details in March

Microsoft plans to talk about Internet Explorer 9 at its MIX 10 event for Web developers next month.

Google Looks To Create Enterprise 'Buzz'

The company said it intends to target a future release of its Buzz social networking service, launched on Tuesday, at the enterprise.

Microsoft Issues Hotfix for AD Rights Management

IT shops using Active Directory rights management services will need to install an update before Feb. 22, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Reports Bug in Web Security Protocols

Microsoft on Tuesday warned of a "vulnerability" associated with two protocols commonly used to establish secure client-server communications.

Tuesday's Patch Will Be a Windows Wash

Microsoft today signaled that a hefty batch of security fixes will arrive on Tuesday.

Microsoft Warns of IE Bug on Windows XP

Microsoft released yet another security advisory for Internet Explorer on Wednesday, mostly applying to Windows XP users.

Google Pulls Support for Internet Explorer 6

Support for Internet Explorer 6 appears to be dwindling after Microsoft's Web browser was exploited for well-publicized attacks on Google and other companies.

Windows on a Stick

Plus: Google phases out IE 6 support; Azure shines spotlight on cloud computing security.

Company Draws Out the Suspense over IE

Security firm says it has found more holes in the browser, but they're holding off on the specifics. Plus: the IE patch took some time; China denies responsibility over Google attacks.

Gates: Chinese Internet Censorship 'Very Limited'

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates downplayed Chinese government Internet censorship when asked about the matter in a Monday ABC TV interview.

Google CEO Defends Stance on China

Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed the company's position with respect to China and commented on the attacks on Google's network.

Evidence from Google Attacks Points to China

A researcher for SecureWorks says he has found evidence supporting Google's claim that last month's attacks on the company's systems originated in China.

Microsoft Issues IE Patch To Address Zero-Day Threat

Microsoft issued a cumulative "out-of-band" security patch on Thursday for a bug in all versions of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Reduces Bing Data Retention Times

Microsoft on Monday announced moves to reduce data retention times for Bing Internet search queries.

Internet Addresses Rapidly Running Out

The organization that oversees global allocation of IP addresses announced that less than 10 percent of the available IPv4 address space remains unallocated.

IE: Trouble on the Franco-German Front

Plus: Google attacks may originate from China; password complexity not a complete deterrent.

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