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Study: Security Lags in Datacenter Virtualization Projects

Datacenter virtualization projects can open up security issues, according to research from Gartner.

Microsoft Disputes 'Vulnerability' in Virtual PC

Microsoft reacted this week to a claim that its Virtual PC hypervisor contains a security hole.

Ex-TSA Employee Charged with Infecting Databases

Data analyst allegedly inserted code after being told he was losing his job.

Microsoft and Adobe Collaborating on Security Patches

Microsoft and Adobe are working together on the security patch process.

Microsoft Issues Workaround for IE 6 and 7 Flaw

Microsoft published a workaround for an in-the-wild vulnerability in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, described last week.

Reports: Small IT Spending Increases Expected in 2010

Global IT expenditure is expected to increase slightly this year, according to reports released this week.

Report: IE 8 Leads in Malware Protection

A Microsoft-funded report found that IE 8 outperformed four other browsers in protecting against socially engineered malware.

Microsoft Issues March Patch, New IE Advisory

As expected, Microsoft today released two "important" patches in its March security update.

Light Patch Slate Expected on Tuesday

Microsoft is projecting just two "important" fixes in its upcoming security update for March.

Microsoft To Offer Opalis Management Solution

Microsoft soon will offer the Opalis solution to server management licensees, the company announced on Wednesday.

Microsoft Reissues Windows Kernel Patch

After nearly two weeks of tweaking, Microsoft is resuming automatic distribution of a Windows kernel patch through Windows Update.

Microsoft Investigating Windows VBScript Security Hole

Microsoft described a zero-day vulnerability involving some older Windows versions and VBScript when used with Internet Explorer.

Free Ride Ends for Windows 7 RC Testers

With today's deadline looming, here's how this editor handled his Windows 7 migration.

Microsoft Releases Windows MultiPoint Server 2010

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the rollout of Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, a shared computing solution for schools, libraries and labs.

Microsoft Adds Virtualization Apps to MDOP 2010

Microsoft unveiled two new desktop virtualization applications as part of its bundle of tools for managing Windows 7 deployments.

Microsoft Defends BitLocker, Issues SP2 Updates

Microsoft defended its BitLocker data encryption tool last week after a hack was demonstrated that might affect it.

Windows Kernel Patch Hobbled by Malware

Microsoft confirmed that rootkit malware is causing "blue screens of death" for some users who applied a Windows security patch.

Dell To Buy Kace, Expand Management Solutions

Dell last week announced plans to acquire systems management solution provider Kace for an undisclosed amount.

Microsoft Affirms BSOD, Halts Windows Patch

Redmond is once again looking into chatter about Microsoft security patches causing "screens of death."

Microsoft Issues Fixes for Outlook 2010 Beta Bug

Microsoft on Thursday announced fixes for its Outlook 2010 beta to address an e-mail message bloat problem.

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