The 'Tablets Will Kill PCs' Myth

Will smartphones and tablets replace PCs and laptops? Or are they more companion technology?

May Reader Letters: Apple and ERP

Readers discuss the future of Apple, ERP and more.

Check Your Bandwidth Before Moving to the Cloud

Limitations by ISPs could foil backup service plans.

Where Is Microsoft Headed With Windows 8?

Over the last month or two, quite a bit has leaked about Windows 8.

Wake Up, Microsoft! Consumers Aren't Going To Wait for You...

Mary-Jo Foley calls to task those at Microsoft who still don't get that the company's slow roll-out pace for its consumer offerings, like WP7 OS updates and Windows tablets, will eventually leave it out of the race entirely.

Cloud Security: Understanding Security Account Management in Windows Azure

Cloud computing relieves some of the security burden, but you still have an active role in managing access, securing communications and ensuring data protection.

Rapid Backups: Transitioning from Tape to Disks

If you're still using tape-based backups, read on.

Virtualization & Higher Availability: Getting to 'Always On'

Using hypervisors and other virtualization technology to help you reach your HA goals.

April Reader Letters: Change for the Better?

Readers weigh in on our Microsoft executive exodus story.

Nostrabarney: My Tech Predictions

Doug Barney on Ballmer's future and Apple in the enterprise.

Server Power Outage Checklist: What To Do When the Power Returns

It's important to follow a checklist to make sure all's well after a server power outage.

Diagnosing Virtual Server Performance Problems

An Internet slowdown issue turned out to be a problem with virtual server memory allocation. Find out how Brien solved it.

How SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 Will Affect Hyper-V

Here are some steps to take for those planning to run Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization with the new SP1 update.

Top 10 Influential Microsoft Pundits

Without these folks, we'd be in the dark about the goings-on at Redmond.

Scorecarding: How Microsoft Measures Its Own Success

Mary-Jo Foley takes you inside the metrics Microsoft uses to judge itself.

How-To: Delivering Intelligence with SharePoint Dashboards

Integrate data from disparate sources into scorecards with rich data visualization for interactivity and workflow automation.

March Reader Letters: The Cloud Battle Rages On

Readers chime in on our Microsoft vs. Google story.

It's Time to Invest in Your IT Team

Skills to invest in for 2011 and beyond.

Approved Execution: The Security Mentality that Really Works

It may seem draconian at first (and a lot of work), but security policies based on 'approved execution' can be worth it.

ActiveSync Policies and Windows Phone 7 Walkthrough

Windows Phone 7's ActiveSync support leaves something to be desired -- Brien Posey walks you through what's available, what's not and why.

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