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The Cloud vs. IT: Is Your Job in Jeopardy?

Everyone is pushing the cloud. But there's a raging debate as to whether the cloud is good or bad for IT. We talked to readers and analysts and other industry experts to find out what the cloud may really mean for your future, plus other implications of this emerging technology.

VMware Restores Cloud Foundry Service After Outages

VMware restored service and apologized for two outages last week that affected some users of its relatively new Cloud Foundry service.

System Center 2012 Preview: What to Expect

Microsoft plans to consolidate many moving parts in its System Center 2012 products this year -- here's your guide to it all.

Guthrie To Lead Microsoft Azure App Platform Team

Scott Guthrie, Microsoft's .NET platform head, will leave that post to run a new Azure Application Platform team as part of a May reorg, Microsoft confirmed today.

Amazon Speaks on Cloud Outage, Offers Apology and Credits

Amazon Web Services on Friday issued an apology for an outage that left certain customer sites down for days, causing permanent data loss in some cases.

Small Businesses Losing Free Google Apps

Google's Apps for Business is changing its terms of service by requiring any organization of 10 or more to subscribe to its paid service.

Check Your Bandwidth Before Moving to the Cloud

Limitations by ISPs could foil backup service plans.

Amazon Cloud Up, Answers Coming Soon

After a three-day outage, Amazon Web Services has restored service for a majority of its customers.

Google Airs Its Cloud Security

Thinking of breaking into Google's datacenters to steal information? Think again.

Amazon Cloud Service Suffers Outages

Amazon Web Services suffered outages that it attributed to latency and connectivity issues affecting its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Relational Database Service.

Microsoft Cloud-Based Apps Pass FISMA Scrutiny

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that its cloud-based suite of applications has passed muster for government use per FISMA standards.

Office 365 Public Beta Released

Microsoft kicked off the week by releasing the public beta of Office 365 today. The new offering is the company's cloud-based productivity suite.

Windows Intune Beta Ends April 18

The Windows Intune beta will expire on Monday, April 18, Microsoft warned today.

Resist 'Obsolete' Software Licensing, Report Says

Software licensing and pricing could become more customer friendly if some trends take hold, according to an April Forrester Research report.

Google Gets Government Agency Backing for FISMA Claim

The U.S. General Services Administration issued a statement suggesting that Google Apps for Government is FISMA certified, but that it was reviewing some "additional controls."

Microsoft Expanding Dynamics ERP as Cloud Services

Microsoft will deliver its entire Dynamics portfolio as cloud-based services, company executives said today.

Microsoft Disputes Google's Government Certification Claims

A Microsoft lawyer on Monday suggested that Google's claims of having achieved U.S. government security certification for its Apps for Government products are false.

Toyota and Microsoft Ink Cloud Telematics Deal

Microsoft and the Toyota Motor Co. have embarked on a strategic partnership on car telematics technologies that will tap into Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

Dell Pushes Into the Cloud with $1 Billion Investment

Dell today said it plans to spend $1B in cloud technology over its next fiscal year.

IBM Extends Both Public and Private Clouds

IBM today accelerated its cloud push with the announcement of enhanced infrastructure services and a new private cloud solution.

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