Fancy Filework

Applying registration keys en masse via scripting.

Lock Down Those Scripts!

Take care of this task throughout the company via this Active Directory trick.

Stepping Up to Scripting

Admin wants to move up the experience ladder and learn scripting.

Directing Traffic

This script can be altered to read/write any kind of Registry entry.

Analyze Your Baseline Security

MBSA offers much more than updates to your network.

Delegating Rights

You can give ordinary users NT and WMI administrative rights for routine tasks—to a degree.

Event Log Dissection

You can use a script to compile log info into a file for closer examination.

Remote Shutdown

This script allows logoff and shut down of remote users.

Active Directory Cleanser

Cull unused or deleted accounts using the LDIFDE tool and some scripting trickery.

Scripting Tweaks

This tool creates scripts for tweaking remote systems.

Automate Your Security

Many security-related tasks can be tedious—and, therefore, overlooked. Using these 10 scripts can make your life easier, while simultaneously locking down your network.

Build a Better NTFS Converter

Help for working through the steps.

Take Control of Your Network

First, adopt a method and then take inventory.

No More Prying Eyes

Encoding scripts to prevent unauthorized access.

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