With Windows 2008 Come New MCP Benefits

Microsoft Learning improves MCP benefits package with access to Microsoft Partner-level support articles and improved transcript and certification manager.

The Microsoft Learning Group on Monday said it has made some incremental improvements to the benefits package that it issues to those who achieve Microsoft Certified Professional status. According to a press release issued by the company, improvements include better access to troubleshooting information online, better transcript management and quicker updates to certification information.

The key benefit is broader access to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles and technical support information that was previously only accessible to Microsoft Partners and those who earned the Most Valuable Professional designation.

Microsoft Learning has also made improvements in the Transcript Manager and Certification Manager, updating the information within days of passing a test or completing certification requirements. Transcripts can also be downloaded in .XPS or Adobe .PDF formats, with certificates bearing the same design online as the one that gets mailed to new titleholders. Microsoft has also added a global member directory that's searchable.

The group said that benefits package improvements were done in anticipation of the new exams and credentials that will follow the release of Windows 2008 in February next year. The improvements also follow in step with several changes that have taken place over the months, such as a new exam retirement policy announced at the end of last year, and the change to a single test provider earlier this summer.

To date, Microsoft has issued MCP certificates to 2.2 million people worldwide. To read more, click here.

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Reader Comments:

Wed, Dec 5, 2007 J. Anonymous

You do realize you can download trial versions of any software to study?
If you really are testing and studying the 120 days for evaluation are more than enough since you will be rebuilding most of the time to test new scenarios.
Though i dont agree with most coments, i still think there is not much value to the certification from the microsoft side. Pins and diplomas ... still im certified so that i can keep track of all the new technologies, and its a bonus at work...

Tue, Dec 4, 2007 Christopher Bell Glossop, UK

Or you could become a Microsoft registered partner (no cost, no endless emails) and then apply for the Microsoft Action Pack for £200. That's about £4,000 of full function software. E.S. there is a reduction on the price of a Technet subscription until early January.

Tue, Dec 4, 2007 Mike Kansas City

Well, I think any MCP that actively works with MS technologies should have a Technet Plus (at least the download only) subscription. 10 of everything for "testing." Well, my entire home enviroment (as a consultant) is for "testing."

So if you want 10 copies of every version of Vista, 10 copies of every version of server, pony up the 300 bucks for a Technet Subscription.

Now what would be nice is a 50% discount for MCP's on a technet subscription. :)

Mon, Dec 3, 2007 Dave Anonymous

How about access to MSDN developer copies of software? You spend all the money and time to get certified but you have to buy software at full price to study and get familiar with it. I haven't certified in 5 years as I feel like just another income source for MS.

Thu, Nov 29, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

please send me the total syllabus of mcse to

Thu, Nov 29, 2007 Tope Lagos,Nigeria

We spend alot to get certified and still gonna spend more to uprade,nw almost every year with little or subsidies. Also d nw benefits 4 mcp on 2008 server should also apply to 2003 server certified. I rest my case...

Thu, Nov 29, 2007 Paul Scotland

One benefit that is screaming to be offered to MCP holders is a discount for Microsoft OS software.
IF we are working hard at studying and passing exams for our benefit and effectively Microsofts for selling and implementing their technologies, why do we still need to pay full price on the likes of Vista?

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