Next Week: Another Beta Exam for Vista Consumer Support

Microsoft expected to put another Vista exam in front of beta testers next week.

Microsoft is expected to put another Windows Vista exam in front of beta testers next week. This time, it'll be 70-623 PRO: Microsoft Desktop Support-Consumer, which will be available in beta from Jan. 26 through Feb. 8. Registration at Pearson Vue and Prometric testing sites is currently open. While in beta, the exam will be numbered 71-623.

Exam 70-623 is aimed at IT technicians -- and, primarily those working in the retail environment -- who provide support for consumer versions of Windows Vista. According to details released by Microsoft late last year, candidates who pass this exam will earn an MCITP: Consumer Support certification. However, Microsoft hasn't revealed details of this exam (or an exam objective guide) or the new certification on its MCP Web site as of this posting. (See "Vista, Office, Exchange Certs on Track" in the News archive for other details.)

Beta exams are free and available by invitation only from Microsoft. To find out more about participating in beta tests, click here.

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Fri, Mar 2, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

The first beta exams will be scored based on the results of the second beta (i.e. the final scoring model will be based on the re-engineered exams) and will be available in late May 2007. Because results from the first beta are dependent on the outcomes of the second, you will not have your results before the second beta takes place. You are not obligated to re-take the beta, but choosing to do so may increase your chances of a passing result on the final scoring model, which will include additional components.
• If you take the second beta, your first results will be dismissed; you will only be scored on your second result. See below for how to participate.
• If you do not take the second beta, you will receive a score for the exam you have already taken. If it is a passing score, you will receive credit for the exam on your transcript. No action required.
• In either case, Microsoft will provide you with an exam voucher should you need or choose to re-take the exam in its live form.

Wed, Feb 21, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

You are totally incorrect about looking for the code on the web. The only reason I took the beta is because of an invite received via an email. So now lets talk about who is the monkey for thinking that ever MS tester out there is not out to help MS develop their tests and in doing so have the possibility to become certified. With over 13 years of knowledge and experience in the IT business I am not just another paper cert as you are thinking, wrong assumption on that one anonymous poster from 2/20/07. Elected to take the beta test yes, but would I have if I could see into the future to determine this would have happened. NO!!! Canceling all my certifications...hmmm I think that statement is a bit unprofessional, when this forum is meant to voice our thoughts on the frustrations of what is occurring.

Tue, Feb 20, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

What a monkey. the purpose of a Beta is to test. Testing may result in changes, which themselves would have to be tested. No-one forced you to take the beta test - Microsoft invited you, or more likely, you trawled the web for the code... MS should cancel all your certifications for being such a monkey.

Mon, Feb 19, 2007 hghspdgg Anonymous

I called MS today to inquire about my beta score and found out that as a beta tester I will have to take the test again. I am so upset about this!!! I had to schedule a day off of work, which meant burn one of my vacation days to go take this test. Plus the purchase of the training from MS, that cost me money out of my own pocket to prepare for it to which I may not be able to retake the next one. Is MS going to refund my $255.00 for the training...I doubt it. If MS needs to add content to the test so be it, but do it on the released test to the public and do not punish those that took the beta. Just because MS didn't have adequate content in the beta test from what was seen possibly from those who took it, why should I have to use more of my time to take another test. If MS does not honor the scores on the beta, I may just reconsider ever taking another MS cert. I had the MCSA 2003 upgrade tentatively scheduled for March as a goal to complete, well they can forget about getting the money from me for that cert with this situation. And one final point isn't that the reason to have a beta test to help determine if additional content is needed before it is released to the public, not have us take it and decide oops we missed some stuff now you have to retake that beta again. Whatever!!!! I am just furious about this!!!!

Thu, Feb 1, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

This is insane and not fair to all the beta testers for exam 71-621 and 71-622. We are all spare our precious time to travel to the exam center and took the tests but now MS might need us to re-do the tests. No way. Unless we do receive a free MS exam voucher for any 70-xxx exam to compensate for our time.

Tue, Jan 30, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

Having to take another version of a beta exam will be inexcusable and create very bad press for MLS!

Tue, Jan 30, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

What the Heck Happened to 71-623? (or, Update on Vista Exams)
For those of you who were asking about the 623 beta, thanks for your patience. Here's what's up: basically, we need to take more time on the MCITP-level Vista exams to make sure they’re right on, so that is why 71-623 was put on hold and why your seats were cancelled. No new dates yet. Websites not updated yet. Working on it… Here’s the official word:

The release dates of the Professional (MCITP) exams for Vista will be delayed in order to ensure that we have adequate application support coverage for these certifications. We know that customers are very excited about our new Vista certifications and we are sincerely sorry for the delay. In the interest of maintaining the quality of Microsoft Certifications, however, we need to add additional content to exams 70-621, 70-622, and 70-623 in order to maintain appropriate alignment with the intended job roles. Exam 70-620 ("Big Vista") will not be affected and customers may continue to register for the exam.

The beta for 71-623 has been put on hold. No action for customers who were registered for this exam; the beta will be rescheduled. Details to follow.
Customers who have already taken the betas for 71-621 or 71-622: your scores may be delayed or we may have to run a second beta. If we run a second beta, the same candidates will be invited to take it; there will not be a general invitation again.
No impact to Exam 70-620 ("Big Vista"); results still stand for those who took the beta and the live exam is open for registration.

Tue, Jan 30, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

The Exchange 2007 (70-236) beta exam period ended on January 16.

Fri, Jan 26, 2007 MStester23 Anonymous

Correction: 236 was re-scheduled, not canceled. 623 is canceled.

Fri, Jan 26, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

thx Cesare, just got notice about the cancellation from my test center. also heard the Xchange beta exam (70-236)is cancelled. what's the deal with all the cancellations??

Wed, Jan 24, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

Which has nothing to do with everyone knowing the common beta registration code MS now uses!

Wed, Jan 24, 2007 Cesare Anonymous

Microsoft is suspending all exam delivery for the 71-623 (Pro: Microsoft® Desktop Support – CONSUMER) beta exam pending further notice. Microsoft has directed Pearson VUE to cancel all registrations for the 71-623 exam. The new delivery dates for the 71-623 exam have not yet been determined. Candidates who are eligible to take the 71-623 beta exam will receive an email from Microsoft regarding registration and delivery dates specifics.

Tue, Jan 23, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

No. There is no tracking of invites to exams taken.

Tue, Jan 23, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

Do you get in trouble for using the codes if you don't have an invite directly?

Sat, Jan 20, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

To register use code BTA623.

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