A Peek Into the Sounds of Windows Vista

Microsoft looks to electronic musician Robert Fripp to create the sounds of the next Windows OS.

Expect to hear atmospheric, new-age sounds in Windows Vista, the upcoming version of Microsoft’s operating system, courtesy of British guitar legend Robert Fripp.

According to Microsoft’s MSDN Channel 9 Web site, Fripp, a founding member of the late-1960s progressive rock band King Crimson, was at the company’s Redmond, Wash. campus several weeks ago recording sounds for Windows Vista. If the video posted on the Web site is any indication, these sounds will be along the same lines as the spacey, electronic work Fripp has done as a solo artist and with the likes of Brian Eno, who helped create the sounds of Windows 95.

In the past, Fripp has also worked with musicians David Bowie and Peter Gabriel.

Windows Vista is expected to ship late this year.

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Fri, Jan 20, 2006 IntegrationArchitect Florida

The use of ascending combinations in D & E major and augmented chords with backing keyboards, the Fripp scheme makes great baby don’t cry nursery atmosphere. Plus it would root 0 to 2 year olds to develop life long appetite for Microsoft Products.... but Fripps scheme will get old after a week for most of us…. So here are some suggestions for the masses…..

Dear Microsoft, The importance of sound schemes and VISTA’s value would increase if more energetic schemes featuring Eddie Van and Alex Van Halen were included. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page including Jon Bonham with a Thunder of Drums would be a remarkable scheme and make VISTA penetrate global software market like the Xbox 360 does now. Even Cadillac marketers found out where the money and prestige is, but VISTA could take it to the next level.

Microsoft you could build in some animated mouse over effects with the extroverted stage mannerisms of legendary guitarist Angus Young to definitely make Vista the most desirable for the mass market appeal. If necessary, users could pay a small premium on that scheme to entice AC/DC cooperation for starters since Media Center edition is going to become rolled into VISTA it is a natural. Microsoft, let me suggest you take the following approach with AC/DC, you will have to tie this VISTA sound scheme effort as a tease for the AC/DC 2006/7 world tour and new release double album release they are recording with Mutt Lang in Vancouver. But use a UK Microsoft marketing executive who lives a proper pub life over in North London to initially get this connected.

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