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Guilty as Charged

Quick test: Have you ever used a "braindump" for exam preparation? The answer to that question may not be as simple as a "yes" or "no."

If you haven’t had the chance to read the remarkable series of articles written by Editor Becky Nagel and posted on sister site CertCities.com regarding Robert Keppel, you’ll want to at http://certcities.com/editorial/

This story has all the makings of a lowbrow Dominick Dunne exposé in Vanity Fair. In a case that brought in the FBI Computer Crimes Division, Keppel pleaded guilty to selling Microsoft exam questions through a couple of braindump sites he ran in Oregon. In a plea agreement, Keppel gave up a Lexus, a Ferrari and $56,000 in cash. He received a year and a day in prison for his crimes, plus a hefty fine.

For a while, there were rumors that the company might hand over its customer lists, too. Could thousands of MCPs face decertification for doing the unthinkable, buying from a braindump? A lot of you will be disappointed to learn that now it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. (And a lot of you will be just as relieved, too, I’m sure.)

What’s truly salacious are the contents of the motion for a reduced sentence filed by Keppel’s attorney. Many of the facts are dubious: that one well-known practice test vendor came under fire from Redmond after canceling an unprofitable licensing agreement. Others are plain wrong: that the exams cost $150. And still others are intriguing: that the FBI agent in charge of the case has since gone to work for Microsoft; and that the source of the braindump material came from a mysterious, unreachable individual in Pakistan.

But what strikes me as most thought-provoking is the defense attorney’s charge that the real reason Microsoft’s mad about all of this is because it couldn’t control the business. She writes: “Microsoft is a highly visible and active participant in this cheat industry providing its own practice manuals, offering on-line practice exams, licensing agreements with a dozen other vendors and even generously offering a ‘boot camp’ to help test takers prepare...”

Interesting point, though a tad exaggerated. The document cites Microsoft Press books that include mock test questions. Her point? “It is clear that even if the test contents are proprietary, they may not be ‘trade secrets’…Microsoft has taken only superficial steps to keep test information secret. Actually any attempt to keep the tests and questions ‘secret’ are obviated by their own conscious and overt participation in making tests and questions public.”

Where does the boundary lie between what’s allowed and what’s not? It’s something I’ve asked myself through the years of my involvement with this publication. I cringe at some of the advertising we’ve accepted. Haven’t we been party to the “cheat industry,” too?

A year and a day in prison. That puts a new light on the matter. Maybe it’s time to discuss just where the wall between legitimate help and prosecutable activities lies. Tell me your thoughts at dian.schaffhauser@mcpmag.com.

About the Author

Dian L. Schaffhauser is a freelance writer based in Northern California.

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Reader Comments:

Mon, Oct 18, 2010 yo mama Denver, Co

These tests are impossible to pass by reading the Microsoft provided book. I wasted a lot of time and hard earned cash trying to read, reread and pass the exam. someone introduced me to transcender and it showed me what I was missing.

Mon, Dec 26, 2005 Anonymous South Florida

If there were study guides that actually covered all the material on the developer exams I might feel differently.
The Microsoft Press ones are a joke and are publicly thrashed on Amazon.
Im glad i got a copy of a .chm file so I could see how inadequate it was without paying their inflated price.

Thu, Nov 3, 2005 Anon London,UK

Very thought provoking! This company I worked for back in the day, some of their designated MCSE qualified staff I know for a fact used braindumps/testkings for exam preparation. Who cares. I can't judge them. In the field apparently you are only suppose to ultilize around 30 % of the knowlege gained through what your trainers taught you, revision, practicals and exam preparation. If you don't know at least 40% of your MSCE, bye bye!
Microsoft are basically trying to prove a point that they can shut down all of this sites regardless.

Tue, Jul 15, 2003 sakubai india

this thing is really useless. i flunk all the tests i took with ur books . too bad u put only poor put something like worse than poor

Mon, Apr 28, 2003 Aaron Orion, MI

To comment on many user's comment, I don't know what part of braindumps being illegal you don't understand. Everyone who takes an MS (or any other vendor) test "signs" a non-disclosure agreement which says you are not allowed to reveal questions and answers. A logical extension of that is that you are not allowed to use questions and answers that someone else who violated their NDA provided. The difference between a braindump and a test prep is that one makes you memorize answers, and the other attempts to explain to you why things work the way they work. As for Steve's comments about 70-216: you can pass it the first time around using legal test prep materials. I used an MS Press book and a sim test from Self-Test Software (MS-approved simulation vendor), and I passed the test in under 50 minutes. Visit Microsoft's training site, which says that the MCSE exams are designed for someone who has at least a year's experience working with Windows 2000 technologies. No where does MS ever say that all you need to do is pick up a book and run through a sample test in order to pass an exam. If that's all it took, wouldn't there be a ton more W2K MCSE's?

Thu, Mar 20, 2003 Steve Califormia

Using a braindump is not cheating, you still need to know the material, the person posting the dump has violated the EULA on the test.
I see nothing wrong with braindumps. At least with a braindump I get to see something close to the actual question.
70-0216 allows 2.72 minutes per question isn't enough time to understand the topology and answer the question the first time through.
Furthermore, I've found several of the study-guides riddled with misprints and wrong/dis-information. (Thanks to a BrainDump.)
The alternative is purchasing the Microsoft material and we all know that Microsoft can't write understandable user messages--let alone documentation.
Many of the Microsoft questions defy the common logic behind networking principles, "Ah, don't back it up, use our new utility instead".
I'm really glad the accredited colleges here in California are offering certificate programs -- because the test industry is interested in seeing you fail -- as many times as possible.

Mon, Mar 17, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

How does a test taker even know whether these "dumpsites" truly are what they claim to be?
Or if they are as good as they claim?
So many advertisers use the same advertising copy, that the terms,
"just like the real exam" or
"real exam questions" may or may not be true.
I have bought some stuff off ebay that
claimed to do almost everything but take the test for me and it turned out to be crap! Nothing to do with the actual exams.
As a test taker, you will never know for sure how close the test prep materials are UNTIL YOU take the test yourself.
By then, you may find out you bought the WRONG testprep materials!

Fri, Mar 14, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I have been Microsoft Certified since 1997. Yes I have looked at the braindumps mostly as the last thing I look at just to see if my study has covered all the correct material. You cann't trust what Microsoft says on their web site about what they test for. Most of these test turn out to be why you should use Microsoft intead of another network software. Remember NT4 most of the test was WINS, DHCP, TCP/IP etc. Why, because Novell (the leader at that time) didn't use them. The tests don't prove much, really. If you want a quick cert just go to any of the boot camps. You will pass in 6 days! Why, because they will give you all the answers they have picked up in different ways, braindumps, copying answers while they test at their own test sites, Trancenders, and a host of others. Does this indicate you know what your doing? I don't think so. In my experience I have met people who where MCTs but knew nothing asbout real implementation yet uncertified people who could build, intigrate, and fix almost anything. It comes down to do you really test who you hire or just look at the certs!

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

i'm with "know your role" on XP, they put questions about the new features and leave stuff out that you do everyday. I had questions on burning CD directly with win XP so you don't have to use 3rd party burning software. Isn't it funny that in the designing a secure MS win 2000 network exam it had a question with an answer regarding not puting floppy disks into the machines because someone could download (burn) a file to the floppy and take it with them. Well a damn 650mb CD-R holds a hell of a lot more info than a damn 1.44 floppy. I didn't know how to setup XP to burn directly BECAUSE MY COMPANY WILL NEVER PUT CD BURNERS INTO THEIR MACHINES!!!!!!NOT COST EFFECTIVE< AND THEY DON"T WANT PEOPLE STEALING INFO, AND THEY DON"T WANT PEOPLE SITTING IN THEIR CUBES ALL DAMN DAY BURNING MUSIC CDs OR MP3s off the NET. This is re-damn-diculous. i got figgin bombarded by windows damn media player questions. what the f does that have to do with the network???!!!! I don't want my damn employees playing with the damn WMP, I want them figgin working. How can i get the MS proposed increased ROI when they want everyone to know how to burn cds and use WMP???!!!! I am done with MS!!!!

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 cj st. louis

Everyone loves to sneer as they rage against "Paper" MCSE's. Yet this is hardly an easy field to break into if you have no experience whatsoever. So how do you get your foot in the door? We aren't all lucky enough to have worked at CompUSA all throughout high school so we can start off with several years as a PC Tech under our belts. When I got into IT, I had tinkered with my own PC's for quite a few years, but I was still a college drop-out delivering pizza. I got into one of those training programs that had a longer schedule (about 10 months of 12 hours a week). I read a lot, did the classroom simulations, set up the trial versions of NT 4.0 at home. But it really wasn't enough. I was doing some computer work on a small PTP network when my time wasn't occupied with boring office administration, but that didn't teach me anything that helped with the exams. I passed them all based on reading, classroom training, and (gasp) skimming through practice exams and braindumps (which really sucked back then because they were full of errors), but some of the harder tests took me a few tries. I still didn't have much real world experience when I finally got certified, but I was equipped for a Junior Admin position and that's what I got. It wasn't until I got in there and got my hands dirty that I stopped being a "Paper MCSE." It takes time to get the experience to justify the title. But you can't get the experience without the title these days, and there's no way people are going to stop trying to break into the field. I agree that the industry is clogged, but anyone with real experience should be able to get the job over someone with paper. Any intelligent interviewer will know if you've got it or not. I've been on interviews I was way underqualified for, and I knew it and the interviewer knew it, and it was no big deal. Just because I took a class in IIS, I'm not the guy to run a web farm. You shake hands, say thanks for your time, and move on until something comes up you're more qualified for. I've got experience, and I gain more every day, but even with that, it's still too hard to keep up with the cert game. I finally feel like I've worked with 2K long enough to justify the upgrade. But .NET exams will be in full force before I'm done. By the time I'm ready for .NET, something else will be out. That's life. I still have to shell out my money so I can keep up with the job market. I don't know if I'll have a job tomorrow, and I don't know how long it'll take me to get the next one, but I'm still better off than if I was working at Papa John's. I'm still not making that $45K my training center promised me three years ago, but I'm making more than my wife, who has a college degree. M$ sucks. I've been on that bandwagon for a long time. But there's not doubt they're going to keep throwing exams at us, so I'm going to keep taking them. AND I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO PASS THOSE EXAMS because I need that cash. It's the flower growing out of all the crap. There's no way I'll be ready for .NET anytime soon, so if paper has to do, it will do. I can always play catch up on experience...

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

The private pilot anology is not a good one. 25 years ago you became a private pilot.

When ICAO airspace was implemented and TCA's become Class B airspace you still were a private pilot.

When SA's went away and you had to learn METAR/TAF formats you were still a private pilot.

All you had to do was spend some time every couple of yers with a qualified CFI earning a BFR.

When NT went away and became 2000, many people were no longer MCSE's.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

The economy is what devalues the MCSE. Paper MCSE's don't last long when they can't do jack at their job and get fired. If the economy rebounds, and the tech industry takes a big jump...and their aren't enough people to fill jobs...see how useless your MCSE will be then.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Know your role, AND SHUT Anonymous

Dont worry nobody's gonna take back you MCP mug and polo shirt with the MCSE logo on it. I guess anyone who uses trancenders should go too, even though MS makes money off them. Oh wait, my que book has sample questions, better Decertify me....

There is no longer a value to decertify, get over it.

>I think that the MCPs that used >BrainDumps should be DeCertified. >Paper MCPs and MCSEs devalue the >Certification and should be gotten rid of.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Dennis Portland

Here's a thought for everyone. I got my private pilot's license at 18 25 years ago. The first thing my instructor said is: Congratulations, you now have a "license" to learn. In other words, you never stop learning and improving your stills. The same with the computer industry. Well, I did get my MCSE W2K, but I'm still learning, and will always be learning until I retire. Thats the way it goes. If you don't like it.. Change jobs and go into construction, ditch digging, or janitorial work!!!
I like my job. It beats running a sander for 8 hours a day.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Thanks for your convenient - Sponsored Links:, at the bottom of this page. I'll check them out for my studies. Do you have any recommendations on which product to use?

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

the problem of the value of certifications is & has always been a question of putting things into proper context & perspective. If someone has a drivers license that alone does not determine insurance rates & someone who just passed their cpa or bar exam doesn't automatically make them equal to someone who's been practicing for years. How & why did it come about that someone with any certification is a walking encyclopedia with a photographic memory that should be expert in all areas of a particular certification??? All a certification really is, is a bare minimum license to practice like a drivers license, law/med school grad, cpa,,,,,,

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Gord Anonymous

First - the idea that one should have a certification in a product line rating higher than that of a good University or College education is insane. So the idea that sites that give away exam questions should be charged follows the same path. If the company in question continues to have question on how to connect obsolete equipment to thier platforms perhaps they should open thier own University and come under the same Government regulations that other higher learning institutions do. All is fair when there is a dollar to make - or does the founder of Microsoft remember exactly where he made his money? If we follow the idea that all the money made from his product would go to him then should IBM own half of what he has?

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I think that the MCPs that used BrainDumps should be DeCertified. Paper MCPs and MCSEs devalue the Certification and should be gotten rid of.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Know your role, AND SHUT Anonymous

Im glad to see people coming around and seeing through all this nonsense. Lok If MS was serious about the certification world they would blow up the whole thing and start over. The MCSE now matter what you do to it will always be devalued, its the way it goes. It doesnt mean I need to be asked 20 Ris questions, 5 fax questions, how to run IIS on my XP pro, those questions dont belong on a WS test. MS is selling their info, fueling bootcamps and basically training kids on how to get through and obscure test. Its not a measure of your knowledge, the work you put into your work will determine your abilities. If you need the cert you will use whatever you can for you $125. Period.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Aaron Anonymous

First of all. I have to say that I will never have a problem with Microsoft. I have always been able to pay my bills and buy a house just for working on Microsoft products that everyone so-called seems to hate.
Also, I used to be very under paid as a Network Admin. Now I have several certs and making almost twice as much. I certainly used all the study material I could get and also spent day and night studying my butt off so I wouldn't loose my $125.00. I have over 6 years experience and I certainly learned quite a bit from all the studying I've done. If I didn't know my stuff, then I would have been fired my first week on the job but I've been able to hold my own. I am always reading articles and books to learn all I can and improve my skills even more. IT is a great field to be in and very competitive so you have to stay ahead of the game. Do what you have to do to pass these tests. Just be sure to take the extra time to practice, practice, practice and never stop learning even when you pass the test(s).
Thank You Microsoft for keeping me employed for so many years!!

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Steve Martinez CA

"salacious" ??? ... don't you mean "fallacious"?

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Don Schaeffer contract - self-employed

Until the certification tests truely measure proficiency in the areas they test instead of relying on multiple choice questions concerning obscure points, Microsoft certifications will remain something of a joke. I'm a MCSD, but if I were an employer, I'd take experience over certifications any day.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Shawen NH

Everybody seems to be missing the larger problem. These type of certifications as designed are meaningless. All they show is that you can read the material and select the correct answer from a choice presented. As people, especially corporate leaders, complain about "paper" certifications the companies offering the certifications respond by making the tests "harder". Which basically transalates into making the questions more obscure. Hence RIS. In order for these types of certifications to be meaningfull the process of getting and keeping a certification will have to change, CCIE or apprenticeship. This is not going to happen if the companies sponcering the certifications are making money from people getting and attempting to get certified.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Pauly ROme, NY

I'm tired of the whole Microsoft thing. The recent change in licensing left a bad taste in my mouth and in these times, we are forced to look at open source.
The certification is a scam too. I have no interest in maintaining my MCSE for Microsoft.

Wed, Mar 12, 2003 cj st. louis

I've posted this before, and someone else said it here, but the number one gesture of good faith to show that M$ cares about me as an MCSE would be for them to make available to me all of the resources I need to install, configure and expertly support their products. I need licensed copies of all operating systems, the latest version of Office, Visio, Exchange 2000 and SQL 2000. I need to be able to install and reinstall these programs frequently in my test lab without worrying about registration issues. Guess what? I could get all of that, but it would cost me $2500 per year or about 6.5% of my salary for the MSDN subscription. I'm not saying it should be free, but really, it should only cost me a tenth of that. I would very gladly pay Microsoft $250 per year for the rights to use these programs. I don't plan to profit financially from using them, other than by upgrading my skills and keeping them sharp so I can better perform my job. It would help me so much, and I wouldn't need to use illegal software I've picked up from various companies I've worked for. And if they fixed their stupid test questions, I wouldn't feel like I needed to read the dumps, and I might actually feel more sympathy for M$.

Wed, Mar 12, 2003 cj st. louis

Robert Keppel had a Lexus, Ferrari and $56k to hand over because quite a few people are too stupid to find the exact same questions for free. To me, that's the most disturbing aspect of this case. I've taken my share of exams, and I have seen questions that came word for word from Exam Cram, Transcenders, Test King, etc. It's all about who pays for the rights to use the material. To say that a Braindump violates the integrity of a MS exam is a joke. There is no integrity. How can there be when they willingly sell their own exam material to make more cash? And anyone who blasts the dumps is a fool. Save your damnations for the real problem - the Microsoft Exams. It is 100% the fault of M$ that their certs are losing value. At least 60% of the questions on their exams have no realistic bearing on how administration is performed on 95% of the world's networks. I've done quite a few rollouts of 2000 Pro, and never once was RIS even considered as an option. Yet RIS questions made up over 50% of my 70-210 exam. I don't think I can express how pissed I would have been if I hadn't looked at some dumps for the exam before I sat for it. If I had gone in thinking three years worth of working with 2000 Pro every day would have helped me breeze through the thing, I would have pissed away $125. That's my gas bill for either of these last two freezing months. It's only a little less than I make in a day... I can say with near certainty that I will never use RIS. It was easy for me to answer all the other questions in the dumps, but I had some trouble when I got to those. And the proportion of RIS questions to the rest of the questions in the dumps tipped me off that it would be heavily covered on the exam. They kept friggin' RIS from costing me $125, and you can bet I'm going to read through them before I sit for 70-215. Hey M$, here's a thought: instead of burying me with stupid questions about a feature no one uses, why don't you ask me something that pertains to my job, like how to create an answer file to automate Sysprep after I've pulled down my image from the Ghost server!

Wed, Mar 12, 2003 Bobbie Ghana

I think it is up to the takers to judge. Getting certified through a dump does not get you a job. Yet do one needs to pass thier exams. I really think you've got to learn. Know your stuff. And pass your tests. God knows how.

Wed, Mar 12, 2003 anglrckx Texas

I have to agree with Steve, and the others above. Braindumps can be dangerous also. If you don't know your stuff and only memorize them, you can still fail with wrong answers. They are a great guide to seeing the types of questions being asked. They help in studying. You should be using several types of guides to study including books, websites, study groups, online forums, etc. some of the stuff asked on these tests are so ridiculous anyway. they are expensive and anything you can use to help you pass should be up to us. trust me, microsoft hasn't lost any money on this. do like the others......sell their own test guides. i used study guides all through college for most of my subjects, this is no different.

Wed, Mar 12, 2003 Know your role, AND SHUT Anonymous

You know, Im not an avid braindump user. I havent updated my NT MCSE yet but I have used Trancender. Then I see the see - saw crap MS pulls, your an MCSE if you do this, If you take the MCSE 2000 track you wont have to take any other exams for .net. BS. You people really just dont get it. Its not about value, its not about integrity, its about money. Whats an MCSE worth anyway right now? braindump sites will come and go but they dont effect the MS bottem line, which is you taking their $125 tests like idiots. Dont slam MCPMAG, someone has to pay for the mag, I mean its free and you slam their advertising? Have any of you seen the Win XP test, more questions about faxes and language options than permissions and actually adding it to a network. Its like they have to think of anything now. Its crap. How about MS lowers their prices, provides current MCSE's with licensed software so we can really learn the product instead of having to get that licensed copy of 2000 server so you could learn it. Im sure you all did that. Give it a rest already about the dumps. MS will still keep making their money, theres plenty of kids in bootcamps right no about to take your job and work for half the money.

Remember when we at least got Technet for free?

Wed, Mar 12, 2003 mrobinson52 Mountain View, Ca

I too cringe at the advertising that your publication accepts. Test King is a known braindump, and yet MCP Mag does business with them and has them as a sponser, which must be embarassing. They should have gone after the customers, since the message is that braindumps are bad, nudge nudge, wink wink, but go ahead and use them. The only way to clean up the industry is to go after the vendors and the customers too. CompTIA does this, and I am sure MS has more money available to do the same!

Wed, Mar 12, 2003 Ralph Shafer

I used braindumps for the NT4 certifications but haven't used them since because they have errors and are unethical. I'm an MCT and have a bunch of other certifications, but I'm 58 and tired of repeatedly having to recertify my skill set to chase the latest and hottest certification. I'm thinking of stepping off the certification treadmill.

Sat, Mar 1, 2003 Thanks MCPMAG Anonymous

Thanks for the advice, I just clicked on the sponser links below this article to Testking and purchased the real exam questions, now I'll pass easy, thanks MCPMAG.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 RS CT

It might even be cheaper to change the test questions more frequently rather than prosecuting 20 dump sites and 100's of 1000s of MCPs. God forbid they do the right thing unless its economical.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Know your rights Anonymous

The general public who purchased exam guides from Braindump sites did so legally at the time of purchase. The exam guides were also copywrited by the distributers and sold as if they were legal content. Also the public who purchased the guides did not breach the non-disclosure agreement. If anything the people who purchased the guides did so thinking that it was legal to do so as neither Microsoft or law enforcement had announced that these sites were illegal until the recent court case and even then it is only illegal to sell or distribute the guides. Personally I'd like to see Microsoft bogged down for years in the courts trying to prosecute most likely hundreds of thousands of MCP's who purchased guides in good faith or trying to penalise purchasers of guides as it would destroy the certification program altogether as a credible qualification. Obviously owners of websites that sell the guides committed fraud on the public by offering illegal content as legal exam study content. Many of these websites continue to sell the exam guides and only a small handfull hae ceased operation.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Very interesting topic

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 RS CT

Transcenders do a good job of exam simulation and are legal. There is a difference between marketing simulation and marketing real exam questions. Let's face it, for experienced companies in the legal sim arena, they can pretty much guess the questions on RAID, or the HCL, Unix/Novell integration, or the Local vs Global Groups etc. If they don't nail the exam question closely the jist of its content is probably covered in their explanaitions. Hey, Intent counts! A sim is a sim and a dump is a dump. Anyone that has taken the MS tests knows what to expect--I agree that first time takers are probably astounded at what's covered--and poor simulations included with most test prep books prepare them for something much different than the real exam. Most test prep companies should be sued for shoddy products. I doubt MS will ever be able to prosecute consumers of publically available web information (BrainDumps). MS has the responsibility to protect its interests and vigorously pursue claims. Can you imagine the legal headaches of decertying people or prosecuting them for looking at some of these sites or purchasing questions? How will they prove the questions were in fact used in exam prep? And wouldn't it be the responsibility of MS to at least list the sites that were in potential violation and warn their certified people that visiting site XXX and purchasing their product could result in decertification?

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Experience is better than Anonymous

I have to agree with Steve from the above post. they've shut down, chinaitcertify.com, testkiller.com, testtech.net & cheatsheets.com, Microsoft shut the remaining few down and then at least the new 2003 exam stream will have integrity. I notice that www.mcsebraindumps.com, www.examsheets.com, www.actualtests.com & www.testking.com are still up. Maybe the question pools should have at least 1000 questions in them, I think that it would solve a lot of problems.

Tue, Feb 25, 2003 Steve Harrisburg, Pa

I found brain dumps to be very useful. I have over 18 years in this field. A few years back, when I decided that certs were going to be important in the hunt for a new position, I looked at my first brain dump just to see what the questions for A+ would be like. OMG! I'm so glad I used a brain dump. What the hell kind of questions were they asking??? If I went into the test cold, I would have been so flabbergasted I would have failed. I won't even go into the ridiculous questions on my MCSE path.
I just don't see the problem. There are hundreds of prep sites, both on the Internet and brick&mortar, that prepare people for SAT, LSAT, GMAT, and so many others. Heck, there are sites that help you test for the friggin Post Office jobs! Hey, if someone out there can memorize 500 or 700 questions, more power to them. You still have to take the test, and still have to perform on the job.
I've hired people in my recent positions, and I can tell in a few minutes if someone knows their stuff or not. If companies are getting 'stuck' with inferior employees who are paper MCSEs, they deserve it! Change your hiring practices.

Tue, Feb 25, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I work in a very large organization and I know that every IT professional there used braindumps to assist with exam preparation, who cares!!! Microsoft will close all those cheat sites down and begin a fresh with the new exam stream. I notice that www.mcsebraindumps.com is still up and running, why???? Its full of non-disclosure information.

Tue, Feb 25, 2003 MCSE Australia

MCPMAG advertises TestKing cheating guides, how hypocritcal. May Microsoft should engage the FBI to Bring down MCPMAG for aiding cheaters worldwide and throw the editor in prison for a year.

Tue, Feb 25, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Why does someone who can't even spell pursue care about certification?

Tue, Feb 25, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Interesting, but if MS wants to increase the value of their certs why don’t they persue those who paid this guy for answers?

Tue, Feb 25, 2003 Jean Sim United Kingdom

very thought provoking

Tue, Feb 25, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

very good article

Mon, Feb 24, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

good article

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