Support for NT 4.0 Extended One Year

Microsoft has decided not to extinguish all support for Windows NT 4.0 for another year.

Originally the company had set Jan.1, 2004 as the date no support of any kind would be available for the operating system, and non-security-related hotfixes will still hold to that timetable. Support for pay-per-incident and premier support, though, was extended through Dec. 31, 2004. Regular support for NT 4.0 ended Dec. 31, 2002.

It makes sense for Microsoft to extend NT 4.0 support, considering that it’s still hanging around in most networks. A recent survey by the news Web site found that of the 800 or so respondents, nearly two-thirds still have NT 4.0 boxes running. (For more, also see, "The Sounds of Security" in the News Archive.)

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Keith Ward is the editor in chief of Visual Studio Magazine.

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Mon, Mar 17, 2003 dave lake city mi

I am not an advocate for m$, but I truly think that the ease of operation that w2k adds over nt4 is worth it for alot of people. I personally don't care for nt, 2000 is robust, runs tirelessly and will integrate for the future. The bitter people that post these columns should probably consider a new career path. GET OVER IT!!!

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 James Turner England

My company (30 employees) still uses NT 4.0. It does everything required and there is no financial justification for upgrading to W2K. This is real life, Jim, not life as MS want it!

Tue, Mar 11, 2003 Dan Berry Kansas City, Missouri

Thank you Microsoft! NT is really a good OS for smaller networks and I cannot justify the cost of OS upgrades on servers every year just for the sake of upgrades. When are Dell servers maintaince agreements expire and new server are purchased, Windows 2000 or 03 will be loaded onto each.

Sun, Mar 9, 2003 Support still needed Anonymous

My employer intends to keep NT4 servers for a few more years yet, if it ain't broke then don't fix it.

Thu, Mar 6, 2003 dwatts Anonymous

We should have love Microsoft more each day

Thu, Mar 6, 2003 Muhammad Zubair Pakistan

Because NT is a non-plug n Play, it is best for leaning many things i.e. COM ports, IRQs. One can understand Trusts in real sense, i mean how trust works. one can't learn throughly Trusts in 2000. It is also important because many organizations don't have time and mony to upgrade.
A good decision by Microsoft. Thanks

Wed, Mar 5, 2003 Hoshiyar Bhopal

NT 4.0 server still used very much. MS should gives extra times for MSCE candidates for upgrade W2K.

Mon, Mar 3, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Get rid of NT and go to a real os Netware

Sun, Mar 2, 2003 Adnan Afzal Pakistan

Well yah my company is also sticking to NT 4 at the moment and we r happy with it, although we have plan for Win2k technology upgrade in the future but its good news to have Hot Fixes and support till 31st Dec, 2004 while on the other hand MS is totally materialistic approach of retiring the NT 4 MCSE and having upgrading plan like to new technology while its very diff to upgrade too all of teh OS upgrades due to business and other facts. WEll i guess MS have to reconsider these things!!!

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Emeka Nigeria

Good Decision. For me I have always thought that MS should let NT4 and W2K run parallel. Users should be allowed to make migration decisions on their own terms. Forcing migration on them creates the impression that MS introduces new OS just for commercial reason even when it can wait longer. Cost is a critical factor in making migration decisions hence I see many companies waiting until the last minute b4 moving up to W2K. If they had support many would have opted to stay back. If MS wants to be identified as a reliable OS maker, then NT4 should have at least a 20-year life span.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 NoMoreAfterNT4 Anonymous

BTW, I'm still big on NT4 and I've started to see somewhat of a trend among some companies that are sticking with NT4. Most of these companies still running NT4 are paying their Admins MORE than the W2K companies are paying theirs. Seems all the $$ these companies spent on upgrading to all the W2K technologies pulled all of that money out of their respective IS positions' pockets in addition to their overall operation costs. As for keeping companies that are on NT4, I'm all for it and won't suggest any of them upgrade until shortly before IP Version 6 is released. Why should I pay for more certifications and give up potential raises and bonuses to suggest an unneeded upgrade when NT4 still suits it's designed purpose? I give a big kudos to all companies that have denied M$'s 'imposed demands' to upgrade from NT4 to their supposedly 'latest and greatest' versions of software that have no less than 6-15 Security Bulletins and patches released every month to keep up to date. Not to knock W2K as it is a decent OS but NT4 is a real classic that just won't go away easily. In my opinion, M$ should keep support on NT4 until IP Version 6 is implemented which could be at least another five-seven years down the road, and by the way things are going, I won't be a bit surprised if M$ has to because companies are trying to cut costs with the way the economy is going and sticking with NT4 over upgrading is a very smart decision.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 NoMoreAfterNT4 Anonymous

Funny how MS still provides support but no longer gives it's NT4 MCPs & MCSEs their investment's worth of being able to upgrade to W2K anymore. Especially when some of us were "Too Busy" to study for tests because we were busy migrating from NT4 to W2K during Microsoft's limited time to upgrade and take an unforgiving four courses at once test. If MS thinks for a minute I'm going to pay to take all of the W2K (Or Win03) tests, think again. I believe if they look at their records at all the NT4 MCPs who haven't upgraded yet, they should rethink their committments to us who got them past Novell in the first place!

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Alex Florida USA

Just because Microsoft makes the bulk of its money on NEW/Upgrades and not support is no reason to load a new OS every other year

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Alex Florida USA

Just because Microsoft makes the bulk of its money on NEW/Upgrades and not support is no reason to load a new OS every other year

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 MCSE Anonymous

We still use many NT4.0 servers simply because a lot of applications will not run on Win2000 servers even after extensive modification and testing of the applications, many companies just can't afford to upgrade the O/S simply because Microsoft releases a new product.

Wed, Feb 26, 2003 Bobbie Ghana

Another year is cool. But I really think NT should be made to die with its WINS thing.

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