Live in November: Highly Available Web Solutions Exam

IT experts who maintain Web applications using Application Center 2000 will be able to test their AppCenter savvy beginning Nov. 27, 2001.

IT experts who maintain Web applications using Application Center 2000 will be able to test their AppCenter savvy beginning Nov. 27, 2001, when Microsoft releases Exam 70-232, Implementing Highly Available Web Solutions with Windows 2000 Server Technologies and Application Center 2000.

Microsoft expects candidates for this exam, which is an elective for the MCSE on Windows 2000, to have at least one year's experience implementing Web applications, network load balancing, COM+, plus a a modest amount of Application Center 2000 expertise thrown in.

To read the exam objectives, click here.

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Wed, Oct 15, 2003 Nicole ATL

Have you ever notice when searching for an apartment, or a townhouse in Atlanta, GA all of the leasing offices offer some kind of "special" like free rent for one or two months to get you to move in? Then when you go to sign the lease/contract they use the word "prorated" over a thirteen or fourteen month period of time? (This is a scam if I ever scene one). What should be subtracted from a twelve-month lease is a ten or eleven month lease/contract free rent owed to the tenant, but its not. It turns out to be a thirteen or fourteen month lease paid by the tenant and not the leasing office with a longer term to the contract for a lower rent and no free rent at all for the tenant because someone has to occur the expense and the tenant takes the lost while the leasing office scores a victory and a win, win situation for themselves. Could you investigate this and bust it wide open because, I just don’t get it and think the tenant’s are being robbed.

Just a concern citizen,

Nicole Johnson

Fri, Mar 22, 2002 TryingMyBest California

I've heard good things about the Transenders course you mention, but can't find them. Do you have a URL for them?

Wed, Nov 28, 2001 GroundZeroBoy NYC

Hello. I have 1 1/2 year of VB and I just lost my job. I went out and got $500 worth of VB/sql server+ Java (wrox )books and the Transenders. I've been training for 5 months no little sleep. I did not finish college (no degree). Is there any hope for me? or should I give up and go back to college and work in KFC partime? I feel so lost!

Fri, Nov 16, 2001 ishmael ghana

please kindly notify me of anyfree course for the needy .thank

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